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“The truth is, I am pained by the disastrous investment results experienced by great numbers of unsophisticated or indisciplined investors.  If I can persuade just a few of them to avoid dangerous investment strategies and maintain their hard earned capital, I will be satisfied.”
Margin of Safety, 1991

Welcome to the Value Investment Institute.  Whether you are a professional investor or much earlier in your investment journey, we believe this site will provide you with informative content and much material for debate.

We want to make this clear; the Value Investment Institute is not selling anything.  We believe many of the great value investors such as Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman and David Einhorn developed and continue to grow through their interaction with other value investors.  Many – if not all – have benefitted early in their careers from the guidance of a value oriented mentor.  Though of course, their undoubted investment genius plays no small part in their success.  While each of us have extensive experience in the field of money management, one of our key objectives is to continue to further our investment knowledge.  We hope through this website we can help you do the same. 

Unfortunately investment fundamentals are not core curriculum in school.  Even when we do learn about it in university, most of the theory taught is of questionable use.  Throughout this site you will find strong primary research and opinion, we believe most of the articles are applicable to all investors.  We hope also to point you towards the many superb resources that exist on the web.  The value investment community is relatively small, but luckily for all of us who want to enhance our knowledge, the best value investors tend to be very willing to share their experiences and knowledge.

Another key objective of the Value Investment Institute is to provide a forum for debate about all aspects of value investment.   If you have suggestions or comments on any of the content please don’t hesitate to contact us.   From time to time you may find the blog topics interesting.   Let’s hear your views, learning should be a two way process!

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